wife-beater“Alan is an excellent storyteller and entertainer who puts his heart on his sleeve and gives ’till it hurts.  His experience with public relations is important in this ever changing global marketplace.  He has real world experience and the contacts to back it up. Alan is truly one of a kind.”

– Heidi Ohlander
Artistic Manager, Metamorphic Muse

“Working with a talent like Al Johnson proved to be an artful experience for both the audience and the organizers. After contracting Mr. Johnson to perform at a benefit for our all-arts festival we promptly received professional headshots, bio, and promotional materials. His attention to detail and organized press kit empowered our marketing team to promote Johnson’s performance at our event effectively and creatively. Al Johnson is a true artist both as an entertainer and public relations professional. We would work with him again and again.”
-Paula Neuhaus
Festival Director, DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival

“To those who know his work, Alan is a legendary performer and provocateur who has broken countless barriers that no one even knew existed. Inspiring fans and fellow performers who sit back in slack-jawed wonderment, Alan has reshaped the minds and musical directions of more people than I can mentally count (and I took six calculus courses in college).
His knowledge and keen street-wise insight into the often classified behind the scenes mess of artistic real world promotion warrants a multi-volume publication just on his lifetime of experience alone.”

– J.S. – Musician